SharePoint Makeover

Doing More With Less

Improve your business, IT and project performance and optimize your investments in Microsoft products and solutions. Qi2 Professional Services uses a comprehensive set of solution-based consulting services:

  • IT Consulting
  • Microsoft Consulting (SharePoint, Project Server, InfoPath)
  • Computer Systems Design Services
  • Tool Optimization Assessments
  • Technical Documentation and Job Aids

Where to begin?

Qi2 has installed, configured and/or upgrade Microsoft® Project Server® and SharePoint®, to help team's work, collaborate and communicate more effectively.

As an experienced, certified Microsoft Partner, Qi2 has installed, configured, and deployed Microsoft® Project Server® or SharePoint Server® solution (2007, 2010 and 2013). And if you are running any version prior to 2010, we can upgrade it to help you attain better performance and assist with change management.

Implement Microsoft Project Server® or SharePoint Server®

Is your organization ready for better tools and processes®? Our experienced staff has implemented Project Server and SharePoint for all types and sizes of organizations. We are experts at planning, implementing, training and supporting Microsoft® Office Project or SharePoint® into an enterprise. Qi2' professionals have led clients through all aspects of implementation from first time installs to overhaul of old or existing platforms and technologies.

Upgrade Project Server® and SharePoint®

Many organizations consider the migration from one generation of technology to the next a daunting project, and it can be, if your staff has never done it before. It's even more challenging to migrate to the latest technologies when you have multiple instances of either Microsoft® Office Project or SharePoint® Servers throughout your enterprise. Using our upgrade tools, processes, and expertise, we have consolidate and safely migrated Project Server or SharePoint data to 2007, 2010 or 2013.


Key makeover benefits of upgrading include:

  • Enhanced system stability Faster open/save/publish through Active Cache and improved integration between applications
  • Enhanced system performance Can run in 32-or 64-bit mode
  • Improved navigation and user interface Tabs, breadcrumbs, and customizable sidebars
  • Improved content management Versioning and check-in/check-out features and the ability to implement records/policy management rules
  • Improved administrative functionality Overhauled Server Settings pages and redesigned Central Administration site
  • Added reporting capabilities Cross-project reporting and data aggregation, as well as improved alerts
  • Added workflows enables better process implementation for PMOs and management


Makeover upgrade and consolidate

Some clients require the consolidation of multiple instances of Microsoft® Office Project Server in addition to the standard upgrade migration. In this case, Qi2 provides the following additional services to ensure overall success:

  • Identify competing fields that need to be changed prior to consolidation, common or overlapping fields that can be merged and unique fields that can stand alone;
  • Resolve custom outline code and custom field issues;
  • Devise a comprehensive, combined security model to meet the needs of multiple business units;
  • Conduct comprehensive beta testing across multiple business units.


Why Does Microsoft SharePoint® Fail to Deliver?

SharePoint is a complex tool used to address several areas including Content/Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, Process and List Tracking, Workflows, Forms, Navigation and Search, and Wikis.

“IT centric” installations focus on the technology without much consideration of user or organizational needs. These installations do not typically include role-based training, organizational adoption or change management.

Another reason that SharePoint is blamed for not delivering business results is the lack of:

  • Process – no process for document management, how/when/who cleans up data, etc.
  • Planning – they don’t allocate enough hardware or places to develop/test
  • Framework for support – This includes admin support, user training, and flexible policies

One common failure point for SharePoint® occurs when an organization’s legal or contracts teams are not included in the understanding and planning of the installation. This can lead to a lock down of what people can do or see without understanding how SharePoint can manage and secure information. Finally, SharePoint implemented “out of the box” experience and navigation is not intuitive or appealing, and doesn’t meet the true needs of the organization.