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How our Solution Works

Qi2 integrates people, process, technology and agile methodology to create SharePoint sites that are customized and configured to meet the needs of your business and users. We conduct analysis sessions with key business leaders and users to determine requirements for access and application. The Qi2 team then crafts designs that meet your requirements, working with you to establish usability, branding and style. As a result, sites will provide the functionality and design users solely need—from the best way to organize, store, access and manage information, to online forms and workflows that automate the review and approval processes. Realizing that customized solutions involve consisent organizational on-boarding, we also provide concentrated training, job aids, and change management support beyond the design phase to improve rollout and acceptance.

Key Features

  • Shared document and meeting workspaces
  • Content management features for documents and Web content
  • Document libraries with version control
  • Templates including wikis, blogs and surveys
  • Email alerts when documents or list items have been changed or added
  • RSS feeds for SharePoint libraries and lists
  • Configurable access rights and permissions to keep your intellectual property secure
  • Business intelligence portals
  • Enterprise search shortcuts
  • Automated workflows to initiate, track and define “next steps” for processes
  • Working sessions with key members of your team to understand how your SharePoint portal should be configured and designed to maximize usage
  • Professional configuration, site design and training


Sharepoint graphic

Client Success Stories

Showcase #1

When a Healthcare Company needed to improve the company internal collaboration, Qi2 team implemented a “SharePoint Makeover” to enhance:

  • Branding – Warm, friendly and easy to navigate, with pictures, graphics, better visual appeal
  • Forms – Web based with workflow
  • Search – Meta tags, standards, records retention policy
  • Content Management – Organized information, with new libraries and lists

Showcase #2

A government department needed to improve the use and effectiveness of project information and sites. Qi2 implemented a SharePoint re-design to enhance:

  • Branding – Better recognition, friendly, easy to navigate
  • Processes – Custom web parts, Web based forms linked to database
  • Content Management – Organized information, with new libraries and customized lists
  • Training – Custom role-based training for users and PMs

Showcase #3

Major government agency needed to improve information approvals through form creation. Qi2 implemented a SharePoint form re-design to enhance:

  • Automated Forms – Better recognition, friendly, easy to navigate
  • Processes – Custom web parts, Web based forms linked to form database
  • Alert system to keep approvals moving to full resolution
  • Content Management – Organized information, with linking existing libraries and customized lists to further tie database resources
  • UAT – To perform real-time troubleshooting before site went live.